In Bormes les Mimosas, art and culture thrive throughout the year, with exhibitions that captivate the senses. Immerse yourself in the vibrant artistic scene and indulge in the rich heritage of the Var region. Explore the following remarkable venues that offer captivating exhibitions and a glimpse into the artistic and cultural tapestry of the area:

Step into the World of Art and Culture in Bormes les Mimosas!

Since its complete renovation and redesign in November 2022, the Museum of History and Art of Bormes has become a must-visit destination. Step into a world where history comes alive through cutting-edge technology. Experience an immersive journey spanning over 2400 years of Bormes’ rich heritage. Using a HistoPad tablet, you’ll traverse through time, from 50 BC to the present day, unraveling the intriguing stories that shaped the town.

Musée d'Histoire et d'Art de Bormes les Mimosas

Delve into the fascinating temporary exhibitions on the lower floors, where esteemed artists such as Emmanuel Charles Benezit, Charles Cazin, Henri-Edmond Cross, and Jean Arène take center stage. Marvel at the fine art collection and explore the captivating collection of ethnographic and archaeological objects, spanning centuries of human creativity. The museum’s unique five-story building boasts a serene terrace on the first floor and a rooftop offering breathtaking views of Bormes..

The Villa Theo

Located in Le Lavandou, the Villa Théo holds a special place in the art world. Once the residence of the neo-impressionist painter Théo Van Rysselberghe, the villa was acquired by the town in 2007 and transformed into an art center. Throughout the year, it hosts a diverse range of exhibitions, providing a platform for both established and emerging artists to showcase their work.

Villa Théo Le Lavandou

The Villa Noailles

The iconic Villa Noailles in Hyères stands as a testament to modern architecture. Designed by renowned architect Robert Mallet-Stevens in the 1920s, the villa served as a hub for artists and intellectuals of the time, generously supported by its owners, Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles. Immerse yourself in the history and aesthetics of this architectural gem as you explore its clean lines, open spaces, flat roofs, and materials like concrete, glass, and metal.

The fully restored villa now operates as a contemporary art center, hosting exhibitions that push boundaries and challenge conventions. From art exhibitions to concerts, film screenings, and fashion shows, the Villa Noailles offers an immersive cultural experience.

Fun fact

Each year, the Villa Noailles also organizes an international fashion and photography festival, which attracts renowned designers and photographers from around the world.


The Bank Museum

Hyères Tourisme
Musée de la Banque Hyères

In Hyères, discover the Bank Museum, also known as the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions. Housed in the former annex of the Banque de France, this museum is dedicated to showcasing the daily life and traditions of the Provence region. Explore a fascinating collection of traditional costumes, handicraft tools, and antique furniture. The museum’s garden, spanning over 1100m², has been meticulously restored to complement the architecture of the building, providing a serene Mediterranean oasis..

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