Perched on a rugged cliff rising 35 meters above sea level, the remarkable landmark at the edge of the quaint hamlet of Cabasson offers stunning vistas of the Mediterranean coastline and the Hyères Islands. The Brégançon Fortress, originally a fortified manor during the Middle Ages, was designated as the official residence of the French Presidents in 1968 upon the recommendation of General De Gaulle. Ever since, all the leaders of the Fifth Republic have stayed there during their tenures in office.

The Fort de Brégançon reopens its doors

The Fort de Brégançon is open to visitors on Wednesdays and Saturdays until next summer.
It will be closed:

From October 24 to November 7, 2023
On November 11
From December 9, 2023 to January 15, 2024.

If you would like to visit the fort with a group, please contact the relevant service.


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Le Fort de Brégançon

How to visit the Fort of Brégançon?

Embark on a fascinating journey through time and explore one of France’s most iconic structures with the guidance of a knowledgeable tour guide. You can check the availability of tickets for a solo visit to the Fort and make reservations with ease. However, if you plan to visit in a group, you are encouraged to contact our dedicated group ales department.

Kindly note that it is mandatory to provide a government issued ID at the entrance.

What are the rates to visit the Fort de Brégançon?

  • Standard rate: €12
  • Reduced rate : 10€ (for people under 18, over 70, jobseekers with proof of entitlement less than 3 months old)

Please note: holders of the Education Pass are not entitled to free admission (the Fort de Brégançon is no longer governed by the Centre des Monuments Nationaux).

Things to know before you visit

How does a visit to Fort de Brégançon work?

If you’re planning to visit the Fort de Brégançon, keep in mind that all visits must be scheduled in advance and accompanied by a guide. The guided tour usually takes around 2.5 hours and is conducted entirely on foot. Please note that backpacks and animals are not allowed during the visit.

Important additional information

  • there is no public transportation to the Fort, and there is no access via bicycle paths.
  • For more information or to schedule a visit, you can call 04 94 01 38 38

Not accessible to persons with reduced mobility

It’s important to be aware that due to the Fort’s height of 35 meters, the site is not accessible to individuals with reduced mobility, those with walking difficulties, strollers, or large backpack-type baby carriers.

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