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The beaches

Where can you swim with children?

The Estagnol and Favière beaches are the most family-friendly in the town.

What are the lifeguarded beaches in Bormes?

The supervised beaches in Bormes les Mimosas are those of La Favière and Cabasson.

Which beaches are accessible to people with reduced mobility?

The beaches in Bormes les Mimosas accessible to PRMs are La Favière, Pellegrin and Cabasson.

Which beaches are accessible by public transport?

La Favière beach is accessible by public transport during the summer season.

How much does parking cost near the beaches?

Parking prices vary between 10 and 12 euros. You can get preferential rates for certain parking lots by buying your ticket at the Tourist Office.

Where can I find the water temperature?

You can find the water temperature on the marine weather website and, in summer, at the beach

Are there jellyfish?

Jellyfish can occur in very windy conditions. To find out more, consult the dedicated map

Where to swim on windy days?

If the wind is from the west or north, choose the Favière and Gouron beaches.

If the wind is from the east, choose the beaches between Cabasson and Pellegrin.

Which beaches are ideal for water sports?

La Favière beach offers the most water sports: sailing schools, diving centers, paddle, kayak and boat rentals, parasailing, jet-skiing and much more.

Are there any surf spots?

The best-known kitesurfing spot near Bormes les Mimosas is on the Almanarre beach in Hyères.

On which beaches can I rent mattresses?

You can rent mattresses on Plage de la Favière.

Which beaches are shaded?

Plage de l’Estagnol and Plage du Pellegrin are the ones with the most shade.

Are there any sandy beaches?

Yes, all our beaches have fine sand.

On which beaches can I find toilets and showers?

Toilets and showers are available on La Favière, Cabasson, Pellegrin and Estagnol beaches.

On which beaches can I eat?

You can eat at the restaurants on the Favière, Estagnol, Cabasson and Pellegrin beaches.

On which beaches can I find tiralos beach wheelchair?

You can find tiralos on the beaches of La Favière, Cabasson and Pellegrin.

Which beaches are accessible by bike?

There are no bike paths linking the beaches of Bormes les Mimosas. You’ll have to take the road.

The Fort of Brégançon

When to visit?

The Fort’s opening times vary. Visit our dedicated page to find out if you can visit or not.

How to book?

You can book your visit to Fort de Brégançon on our website, at the Bormes Village Tourist Office and at the La Favière Tourist Office.

Is it possible to visit it in a group?

Yes, please contact [email protected]

Can I visit the Fort with a dog?

No, it is not possible to visit the Fort de Brégançon with a dog.

Can I visit the Fort with children?

Yes, you may visit the Fort with a child, but the visit is not recommended for children under the age of 6

Is the Fort accessible to people with reduced mobility?

No, the Fort is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.

How long does a visit to Fort de Brégançon last?

A visit to the Fort de Brégançon lasts approximately 2h30 to 3h.

Will I have to walk a lot during the visit?

You’ll need to allow for about 2 km of walking and lots of stairs.

Are there toilets available at the Fort?

No, but there are at the entrance to the Fort on Cabasson beach.

Can I eat at the Fort de Brégançon?

There’s a restaurant, La Cabasse, at the entrance to the Fort on Cabasson beach.

Can I take photos of the Fort de Brégançon?

You can only photograph the exterior of the Fort.

What do I visit in the Fort de Brégançon?

During your visit to the Fort de Brégançon, you’ll discover the outside areas (gardens and terraces of the main building), and the inside of the Fort: the vestibule, lounges and dining rooms, and the President’s office.

Can I visit the President’s bedroom?

No, and all the other intimate rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen…

How much does it cost to visit Fort de Brégançon?

The rates to visit the Fort de Brégançon are :

Adults: €12
-18 years: €10
Jobseekers and seniors: €10

Is there a transport service?


Can I visit the Fort on my own?

No, the Fort de Brégançon is only accessible with a guide from the Tourist Office.

Can I visit the Fort free of charge?


The Mimosa

When does the mimosa bloom?

The mimosa blooms from January to March, depending on the weather.

Where can I see mimosa in Bormes les Mimosas?

You can see mimosa in the medieval village, in the Gonzalez park, in the hills and plain of Bormes and at the Cavatore nursery.

Can I pick mimosa?

No, mimosa picking is prohibited.

What holidays are associated with the mimosa?

Mimosalia at the end of January and the Corso fleuri in February.

Can I buy mimosa plants?

Yes, at Cavatore Nursery, 22 chemin des orchidées.

How far does the Mimosa Route go?

The Route du Mimosa stretches 130 km from Bormes les Mimosas to Grasse.

The golden isles

How do I get to the islands from Bormes les Mimosas?

You can get to the islands by boat with the Latitude Verte company in season.

How long is the crossing to the islands?

The crossing to the island of Porquerolles from Bormes les Mimosas takes about 45 minutes. The crossing to the islands of Port-Cros and Levant takes 35 minutes.

Can I rent bicycles on the islands?

Yes, you can rent bicycles on the island of Porquerolles.

Can I take my bike on the boat to the islands?

You can take your own bike with Les Vedettes des Iles d’Or, located in the port of Le Lavandou.

Which island can I visit with my family?

Porquerolles and Port Cros are wonderful islands to visit with the whole family.

Can I visit Port-Cros by bike?


I’m a person with reduced mobility, can I visit the islands?

Yes, the island of Porquerolles.

I have a dog, can I visit the islands?

On the islands of Porquerolles and Le Levant, dogs are not allowed on the beaches. On the island of Port-Cros, dogs are tolerated in the village and on a short walk to the Port-Cros dam.

Is there a nudist island?

Yes, Ile du Levant.


What are the seaside trails?

The coastal path divides into two sections: from Plage de la Favière to Plage de la fossette in Le Lavandou, and from Plage de Cabasson to Plage du Pellegrin.

What are the scenic hikes?

The hike to the Notre-Dame de Constance chapel.

Where can I go hiking with my family?

Here are some easy family hikes:

  • Coastal paths
  • Notre Dame de Constance chapel hike
  • Lac du Trapan hiking trail
  • The Barjean trail

On which hikes can I find picnic areas?

Here are the hikes where you can find picnic areas:

  • Coastal trails: Gouron pine forest, Cabasson, Estagnol and Pellegrin
  • Barjean trail

What precautions should I take when hiking in summer?

Consult this site to see if you can access the forest and coastal massifs.


Is there a GR trail in Bormes?

Yes, the GR90 and the GR51.

Can I bring my dog along on hikes?

Yes, but they must be kept on a leash.


Can I come to Bormes les Mimosas by bike?

Yes, you can cycle to Bormes les Mimosas via the V65 coastal cycle route.

Are there any cycle paths in Bormes les Mimosas?

Yes, the “voie verte”, which follows the old railway line: le chemin du train des pignes.

Can I take my family cycling?


Where can I park my bike in Bormes les Mimosas?

You’ll find bike racks next to the village tourist office and at La Favière.

Are there any cycle tourism trails?

Are there any cycle tourism trails?

Is it possible to go mountain biking?

Yes, but there are no marked trails.

Is it possible to rent bicycles in Bormes les Mimosas?

Is it possible to rent bicycles in Bormes les Mimosas?

Are there any bike-friendly accommodations?

Yes, you can find them here.

Can I repair my bike in Bormes les Mimosas?

You’ll find a repair kit available at all businesses with the Accueil Vélo label, and in particular at the Tourist Office in the village and at La Favière.

Where can I find information about cycling in Bormes les Mimosas?

On our website in the cycle tourism section and at the Tourist Office.

Parking and transportation

Where can I park in the medieval village?

You can park in the Saint-François parking lot on levels 1 and 2, at the château, on the roadside in avenue Jean Aicard and in the blue zones (with parking disc in season).

Where can I find RV parks?

Off-season, you’ll find a motorhome park at P2 of the Saint-François parking lot in Bormes les Mimosas, or at the Cavalière beach parking lot in neighboring Le Lavandou, or at the corner of the Avenue Henri Matisse traffic circle in La Londe les Maures.

Where to rent a car?

To rent a car in Bormes les Mimosas, visit Label Auto, Garage du Batailler, Carrefour or Blue Bikes in Le Lavandou.

How do I get to Bormes by public transport?

By train, stopping at Toulon station, then by ZOU! regional bus lines 873, 878, 879, and 886 in summer.

How do I get around Bormes if I don’t have a car?

The best way to get around Bormes les Mimosas without a car is by renting a bike, or taking a cab or ZOU! bus.

Where can I find a cab?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of cabs in Bormes les Mimosas:

Cab Charle : +33 6 80 33 52 97
Cab Coralie : +33 6 80 67 98 57
Cab Nathalie et Claude : +33 6 08 43 62 02
Cab Vanessa: +33 6 25 49 26 42
Philippe VTC: +33 6 41 98 11 72

Where are the disabled parking facilities?

PRM parking in Bormes les Mimosas is available next to the Chapelle St-François in the village, at the Favière parking lot and at the Pin de Bormes parking lot.

Where can I park for free?

Parking is free in Bormes les Mimosas from September 16 to June 14.

Can I pay for my parking online?

You can pay for your parking online using the free Flowbird application.

Can I come by blablacar?

Yes, you can come to Bormes les Mimosas by blablacar.

Can I recharge my electric vehicle?

Yes, parking spaces are reserved for recharging your electric vehicle: at the Cabanons parking lot in La Favière (2 spaces), at the Saint-François parking lot in the medieval village (2 spaces) and at the 4 vents parking lot in the Pin de Bormes district (2 spaces).


How much is the tourist tax in Bormes les Mimosas?

Tourist tax rates vary according to several parameters. Please refer to our dedicated page in the pro area.

How can I find accommodation in Bormes les Mimosas?

You can find accommodation on sites such as Booking or Airbnb, and also our website in the “all accommodation” section.

Where can I sleep in a tent in Bormes?

In campsites with tent pitches (list of campsites available from the Tourist Office).

Is it possible to bivouac in Bormes?

No, bivouacs are forbidden in Bormes les Mimosas.


Where can I find gifts and souvenirs?

You can find gifts and souvenirs in the stores and boutiques in the village, in La Favière and at Le Pin de Bormes.

Where can I buy wine?

You can buy wine at all our Bormes wineries: Domaine de la Sanglière, Château Léoube, Château Brégançon, Château Malherbe, Château Angueiroun, Domaine du Noyer “Clos Mistinguett”, Domaine des Campaux and Domaine Sainte Marie. Also at Caveau dei Bormani cooperative winery and Gastronomia boutique.

Where to buy honey?

You can buy Bormes honey at “La butinerie” honey house at 1509 chemin de l’Angueiroun in season, at the lavandou market on Thursday mornings or at the Caveau dei Bormani store.

What are the market days?

Markets are held on Tuesdays at Le Pin de Bormes, Wednesdays in the village and Saturdays at La Favière in season.

Is there a night market?

Yes, on Mondays at La Favière and Tuesdays in the village in summer.

Where can I buy vegetables?

You can buy vegetables at the markets, grocery stores and supermarkets in Bormes les Mimosas.

Travelling with my dog

Which beaches are accessible to dogs?

The Brégançon beach is accessible to our doggie friends.

Can I take my dog to the parks?

Unfortunately no, dogs are not allowed in the city’s parks.

Can I take a guided tour with my dog?

Yes, you can take a guided historical tour of the village with your dog.

Can I treat my pet in Bormes?

Yes, at the Mimosas veterinary clinic.


Do you have a list of places accessible to people with reduced mobility in the area?

Yes, the brochure Le Var Destination Accessible and the Guide des vacances accessibles en Méditerranée Porte des Maures Tourisme.

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