The beach of Cabasson is a picturesque and elegant destination located in the southern part of Bormes les Mimosas. Its unique location near the Fort of Brégançon adds to its charm, with the imposing silhouette of the fort visible to the left as you face the sea. On the right side, you can follow the coastal path and explore the untamed beauty of the Borméenne coast, discovering numerous beaches and hidden coves. From the shore, while sinking your feet into the sand and gazing at the sea, you can admire the enchanting views of the island of Porquerolle and the Presqu’île de Giens.

How to get to Cabasson beach ?

The Cabasson beach is 375 meters long. To reach Cabasson beach, you can park your vehicle at the CaPaLo parking lot or the Cabasson parking lot, which is not free from April to October. The parking area is spacious and adorned with majestic umbrella pine trees, creating a shaded ambiance.

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One interesting fact about Cabasson beach is that it neighbors the beach of Brégançon, a small and beautiful beach located to the left of Cabasson beach, directly adjacent to the Fort. The beach of Brégançon is open to dogs throughout the year, making it a welcoming spot for dog owners.

Where to eat in Cabasson ?

For dining options at Cabasson, you can enjoy a delightful picnic at the provided picnic tables in the shaded parking lot. Alternatively, you can visit the restaurant La Cabasse, which offers Mediterranean bistro-style cuisine and specializes in grilled fish.

Le Fort de Brégançon

A beach that rubs shoulders with the presidents 💼

As you approach the beach, you’ll notice the guarded gate leading to the Fort of Brégançon, which has served as the summer residence for French presidents since 1968. The fort is now open to visitors under specific conditions, but advanced reservation is required. You can book your visit at the Tourist Office of Bormes les Mimosas, either in person or through our website, subject to availability.

Is the beach supervised?

During the summer season, from June to September, the beach of Cabasson is supervised by three lifeguards who are stationed there from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm. The lifeguard station is located on the left side of the pedestrian path leading to the beach. In terms of pet access, dogs are allowed on Cabasson beach from November to March. During the summer season, they are permitted to access the small beach of Brégançon, located to the left of Cabasson beach when facing the sea, in the direction of the Fort.

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