The coastal path, known as the “Sentier des douaniers,” offers a range of landscapes and is a great way to explore the coastline. It takes you through wild creeks, past vineyards, and provides panoramic views of the Porquerolles islands and the Fort of Brégançon. There are several portions of the path available for you to choose from, each offering its own unique experience.

Hiking on our coastline is the best way to find a secret beach even in the middle of summer!

Closing of the massifs ❌

Please note that in summer, hiking and all access to the massifs and the coastline (apart from the beaches) may be prohibited if the territory is at risk of fire. Please check the dedicated map.

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On the Favière side

Starting from the Favière side, you’ll head to the right when facing the sea from the beach of La Favière. As you follow the coastline, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the Bay of Bormes and discover hidden, inaccessible beaches. The path will lead you to Cap Blanc, the southernmost point of the town. From there, you’ll need to retrace your steps, as the section beyond Cap Blanc is currently under restoration. This round trip hike takes approximately 4 hours to complete and is not very steep. Keep in mind that the restaurant on the small beach of Bénat is only open during the summer season and can get crowded.

On the Cabasson side

To access the path from the Cabasson side, head to the district of Cabasson, which is located 8 kilometers from La Favière. Park your car at the CaPaLo parking lot (which is subject to a fee from April to October). From the beach, you’ll see the Fort de Brégançon on your left. You can get closer to the fort by following a short path of 500 meters on the left, but you’ll need to turn around at the beach of Brégançon. On the other side, follow the beach of Cabasson to the right, and you’ll start the coastal path towards La Londe. Along the way, you’ll encounter several beautiful sandy beaches, such as Estagnol beach and Pellegrin beach. Alternatively, you can also start the hike from the Argentière beach in the neighboring town of La Londe. This round trip hike takes approximately 6 to 7 hours to complete, with little elevation gain. Restaurants can be found at the beach of Cabasson, Estagnol beach, and Pellegrin beach.

Randonnée sentier du littoral

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