Welcome to La Favière, the vibrant neighborhood of Bormes les Mimosas where the captivating marina awaits. Nestled along the coast, the port of Bormes is a gateway to a world of treasures, inviting you to embark on unforgettable adventures in the town and its surrounding areas. Spanning across 7 hectares, this remarkable marina can accommodate up to 950 boats, offering a perfect haven for both brief stopovers and extended stays. Its idyllic location facing the Golden Islands, within the Pelagos Sanctuary, makes it an ideal stop during your Mediterranean explorations.

A multifunctional marina

La Favière Marina is a multifunctional hub that caters to the needs of seafarers. Its development began in 1969, in response to the surge in yachting popularity. To safeguard against the persistent eastern swell, a protective dike was constructed and reinforced in recent years. The marina prioritizes safety, protection, and an array of services. Open year-round, it provides daily rates and year-long packages for boat owners. Managed by the International Yacht Club of Bormes les Mimosas, it offers essential facilities such as water, electricity, and sanitary amenities. Additionally, you’ll find a shipyard, maintenance services, mechanical companies, as well as conveniences like a laundry, restaurants, and various water sports and diving activities. The marina proudly displays the European Blue Flag, a testament to the exceptional quality of its waters.

Fun fact: 🌊

Between 2018 and 2020, redevelopment efforts were undertaken to reinforce the marina against strong eastern swells. The implementation of an ecopod/accropod system, a wave-deflecting wall, and a spillway basin ensures its resilience.

Port de Bormes les Mimosas

The marina, a gateway to Bormes and its surroundings

Beyond its maritime allure, the marina serves as a vibrant gateway to the heart of La Favière district. During the summer season, the area buzzes with activities and events for all ages. From free outdoor yoga sessions to concerts and themed weekends, there’s no shortage of entertainment in the harbor district. In winter, several restaurants remain open, and you’ll find shops like mini-markets and a press/tobacco office that operate year-round.

For any inquiries, make sure to visit the Tourist Office, open from April to the end of October, conveniently located in front of the harbor, just a short 10-minute walk away.

Year-round, seize the opportunity to embark on captivating hikes in the nearby Massif des Maures or along the scenic coastal path. Explore the medieval village of Bormes les Mimosas or venture to the neighboring town of Le Lavandou. In the summer, a shuttle service is available to transport you to the village and other districts of Bormes. During the rest of the year, take a leisurely stroll to Le Lavandou (approximately 15-20 minutes from the port of Bormes) to catch a bus or rent a bike, enabling you to further explore the region.

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