Bormes les Mimosas offers several family-friendly hikes that allow you to explore the diverse natural beauty of the area. These walks are suitable for families with young children and provide opportunities for memorable experiences in nature, regardless of the season.

Closing of the massifs ❌

It’s important to note that during the summer, access to hiking trails and mountains, as well as coastal areas (excluding beaches), may be restricted if there is a risk of fire. Please consult the dedicated map to check for any closures.

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Le Sentier de Notre-Dame de Constance

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Randonnée – Autour du Lac du Trapan

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Family walks near the village

Within the medieval village of Bormes, you can embark on a pleasant stroll through picturesque lanes. The visit to the village itself is exceptional, surrounded by old stones and exotic plants. It typically takes around 1.5 to 2 hours to explore. If you have a stroller, there is an itinerary through the village that avoids stairs. You can also participate in a game organized by the Tourist Office, which takes you on a quest to find the sacred mimosa. Visit the Tourist Office for more details and guidance.

Another family-friendly walk starts from the village and takes you into the heart of the Maures mountains to Notre-Dame de Constance. This hike, which lasts about 2 hours, is relatively easy with a small elevation change. It is recommended to bring water along the way. The rewards include a beautiful 12th-century chapel and an observatory that offers a 380-degree view of Bormes and its surroundings.

As you descend from the village towards La Londe, you’ll find the Trapan Lake promenade. This approximately 6-kilometer route circles the lake and provides stunning panoramas of the sea. The path is paved, making it accessible for strollers.

Family walks by the sea

Along the coastal path, there are several sections that are suitable for family hikes. Between Cabasson and La Londe, you’ll encounter a series of beaches. You can choose to make a round trip between Cabasson and Mère Dieu, which is less time-consuming. This part of the trail is wild and offers a sportive experience, suitable for children aged 10 and above. For younger children or those in strollers, you can enjoy a walk along the seaside between the La Favière district and the neighboring town of Le Lavandou. A section of the path is paved and easy to navigate. It passes through the pine forest of La Favière and follows the small beach of Gouron and the larger beach of Le Lavandou. The round trip typically takes about 1.5 hours.

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