Embark on an extraordinary journey through the vineyards of Bormes les Mimosas with our guided tours. With 9 vineyards spread across the region, these tours offer a delightful blend of scenic beauty, history, and exquisite wine tasting. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or simply seeking a unique experience, our guided tours will captivate your senses and immerse you in the world of Côtes de Provence wines.

Guided tours on foot

On foot, explore the charming Cabasson area and indulge in two captivating tours at the prestigious Château de Brégançon. Discover the vineyard’s history, the secrets of winemaking, and savor exceptional wines during a delightful tasting. For a shorter tour, request a one-hour visit to the cellar, where you’ll experience an extensive tasting session. At Domaine de la Sanglière, experience an original visit called Tapas’ritif. Explore the depths of the winery and delight in the exquisite flavors of the wines paired with delectable tapas, all while relishing the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Golden Islands.

Fun fact ?

Did you know that beyond the organized tours, all the vineyards in Bormes invite you to taste their exquisite wines for free at their stores or cellars during their opening hours? This includes even the smaller domains, such as Domaine des Campaux and Domaine Sainte-Marie. Indulge in the flavors of their productions and experience the true essence of Bormes les Mimosas’ winemaking heritage.

Bars à vins

The Domaine de l’Angueiroun at the entrance of Bormes also offers guided tours of their cellar, with tasting and on request.

Unique tours

Prepare for a truly unique experience as the vineyards offer a range of creative and immersive activities. At Château Léoube, revel in breathtaking views and enjoy a tasting session at the end of your adventure. Choose from tours on an electric scooter, horseback riding through the vineyards, or even explore the estate’s seabed with fins, mask, and snorkel—a truly unforgettable experience.!

Château Malherbe

Château Malherbe invites you to explore its 25 hectares of coastal land on an electrically assisted mountain bike, followed by a delightful wine tasting. Alternatively, embark on a guided tour of the estate in a golf cart, where a knowledgeable guide will lead you through this idyllic setting for two hours, culminating in a tasting session.

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