The Artisan Trail in Bormes-les-Mimosas showcases the village’s rich artistic heritage and serves as a gathering place for artisans and craftsmen. Over the years, Bormes has been a constant source of inspiration for numerous artists. In the 19th and 20th centuries, prominent painters like Henri-Edmond Cross and Emmanuel Charles Benezit were drawn to Bormes and captured its beauty on canvas. Today, this tradition continues with a diverse group of talented artisans practicing various art forms, including sculpture, hat making, and glass blowing!

Circuit des créateurs Bormes

Kaz Design Creation

Kaz Design Creation

Kaz Design Creation is a workshop specializing in the design and creation of wood and metal furniture. They also offer custom-made pieces.

Véronique Ginoyer

Véronique Ginoyer is a visual artist known for capturing fleeting moments and freezing them in her artwork. She explores a range of styles, from surrealism to impressionism, using colors and sensitivity in her creations.

Forge and Style

Thibault Klukaszewski operates a blacksmith workshop specializing in crafting furniture and ironwork for the construction industry. Additionally, he undertakes custom projects tailored to client requests.

Jeff Habourdin

Jeff Habourdin is a professional photographer with a specialization in corporate and real estate photography. However, he also excels in capturing stunning nature and landscape shots.

The Villard Art Studio

Located on Place du Bazar, the Villard studio is home to two artists, Kim Després-Villard, a painter and engraver, and her husband Philippe Gabriel Villard, a plastic artist, engraver, and sculptor. Their works are influenced by their Franco-American background and inspired by science and nature.

Muriel Favarel

Muriel Favarel is a ceramic artist known for her original brush-painted pottery. Her studio on Rompi Cuou Street is where she creates unique and elegant pieces.

Monique Raiser

Monique Raiser is a painter who beautifully captures the colors and landscapes of Bormes. As a native of the village, her works reflect her deep connection to the area. She opened her studio on Rue Rompi Cuou in 1979.

Olga Gayol

Monique Raiser is a painter who beautifully captures the colors and landscapes of Bormes. As a native of the village, her works reflect her deep connection to the area. She opened her studio on Rue Rompi Cuou in 1979.

Philippe Cavatore

Philippe Cavatore is an artist who breathes life into unique and diverse stories through his artworks. He skillfully combines light, materials, and composition to convey the forces of movement, stimulating the imagination and evoking emotions.

Philippe Cavatore Bormes

Mireille Payre

Located on Carnot Street, Mireille Payre is a painter known for her artworks depicting local landscapes and charming cat portraits. She accepts commissions for paintings in various sizes and mediums, including oil, watercolor, acrylic, and works on wood, resin, or canvases with original shapes.

Atelier Mireille Payre Bormes les Mimosas

À l’en verre

Stéphane Marchioni is the skilled glass artisan behind the “À l’en verre” workshop. Trained by Italian artisans, he creates a wide range of glass pieces, from delicate and small designs to impressive and imposing artworks. The workshop is situated on the picturesque Rompi Cuou street.

Ô pot cible

Bibiana Bouttier is a renowned potter in Bormes known for her trendy “plant jewelry.” She sculpts flowers and shapes, which she then paints and decorates before attaching them to stems, enhancing the beauty of gardens and outdoor spaces.

Patrik Maury

Patrik Maury is a painter and photographer who has been residing and creating art in Bormes for over 30 years. His abstract and colorful works have earned him several prestigious painting awards, including the first prize in France at the Malta Biennial. His art can be found in museums worldwide.

Les bibis du midi

There's no such thing as a hat head: it's up to the hat to adapt to your head."

The bibis of the south is a hat-making business that believes the hat should adapt to the individual’s head, rather than the other way around. Nathalie Papet, the creative mind behind the business, designs and customizes hats to bring out the exceptional in each wearer.

Les bibis du midi Bormes les Mimosas

Cire-C bougies

Cire-C Bougie is a candle creator who uses local products in her creations. She specializes in crafting scented candles using local flowers and essences, such as the mimosa. Although she doesn’t have a public workshop, you can find her showcasing her candles at markets and events.

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