If you’re seeking guided tours for groups, you’ve landed in the perfect spot! We provide guided tours of the village, the Fort de Brégançon, and the Corso Fleuri throughout the entire year. Please note that these tours are available exclusively through advance reservations.

The Fort de Brégançon for groups

Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, step into one of France’s most renowned edifices and delve into its rich history. Serving as the official residence of French presidents, this extraordinary location is open for visits year-round through our dedicated groups department. To arrange a visit, simply make a reservation. The fee for a group of up to 20 individuals is 275 euros.

Fun facts:

Presently, the Château de Brégançon and the Fort share their names, but their histories have diverged. In the 1800s, some of the Château’s produce, including fruits, olives, and vines, sustained the Fort’s soldiers. The name “Brégançon” has roots in the Celtic term “brig” or “briga,” signifying a place of elevated prominence. Additionally, the word “Brégançon” has connections to the Greek word “Pergantium,” likely referencing the village or location of that era. Fascinatingly, these two sites are merely separated by a mere 4 kilometers!

Le Fort de Brégançon Bormes les Mimosas

How Does a Visit to Fort de Brégançon Work?

Guided visits must be pre-booked and are led by a guide. The tour, lasting approximately 2 hours, is exclusively on foot. Each group is limited to a maximum of 20 participants. Please note that animals and backpacks are not allowed.

Further Information

  • There are no public transport services to Fort de Brégançon, and access by bike path is not available.
  • For additional details, contact us at 04 94 01 38 38.

Not Accessible to PRM

Due to its height of 35 meters, the Fort is not accessible to Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM), individuals with walking difficulties, strollers, or large backpack-type baby carriers.

Guided Tours of the Village for Groups

Our enchanting medieval village invites you to discover its hidden treasures. Immerse yourself in its history from the 12th century to the present, as you meander through flower-lined narrow streets, pass under the characteristic “cuberts” of Bormes, and marvel at the panoramic view from the castle! For groups of 10 or more, the cost is €6.

Corso Fleuri for Groups

Experience the Corso Fleuri, a century-old mimosa festival celebrated in Bormes. We’d be thrilled to welcome you to witness this vibrant event! Reach out to our groups department for all your reservation requests.

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