An Escapade in Provence is a unique and immersive experience created by Vanessa, where participants can discover the hidden gems and authentic side of the Var region in Provence, France. The escapade takes place on a 4×4 Jeep, allowing visitors to explore the scenic roads of Provence..

What is an Escapade in Provence ?

The adventure begins with a visit to the olive grove and oil mill of Haut Jasson. Visitors can learn about the olive oil production process and taste the renowned olive oil of Provence. The journey continues to the wine estate of La Sanglière, a sprawling vineyard spanning 42 hectares. Here, participants can discover the different techniques of winemaking and indulge in wine tasting.

Une escapade en Provence Bormes

First stop: the Haut Jasson Olive Oil Mill. Visit the olive grove and the mill to understand the production of Provence olive oil. All enhanced with a tasting! The 4×4 adventure, designed to show you a different side of Var, doesn’t end there! Now, head to the La Sanglière vineyard and its 42 hectares, where you’ll discover various winemaking techniques and indulge in wine tasting.

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Une escapade en Provence Bormes

The escapade concludes with an aperitif lunch at the top of the Domain, offering a picturesque view of the Golden Islands. Participants can enjoy a convivial moment of sharing while savoring local products prepared by local craftsmen, including Gastronomia, La Sirène, and Le Poulpe.

Who is it for?

This experience is suitable for couples, family members, or groups of friends, with a maximum limit of 4 people per escapade. Vanessa, the creator of the escapade, aims to show participants a side of Provence they have never seen before!

The backstory

Vanessa, originally from the Camargue region near Aigues-Mortes, discovered her passion for tourism while working alongside her friend Olivia during 4×4 Safaris in the heart of the Camargue. After falling in love with the Var region in 2018, she decided to create “Une Escapade en Provence” in January 2020. Through her journey, she partnered with Domaine de la Sanglière and Moulin du Haut Jasson. Vanessa’s vision includes creating a moment of sharing and conviviality around the region’s excellent local products.

An Escapade in Provence offers a timeless activity with stunning views and delicious food, leaving participants longing to prolong their stay in this captivating setting.


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