Getting around Bormes les Mimosas is a breeze, and parking is easier than you might think. With a variety of transport options available, you can leave your car behind and immerse yourself in the charm of our town. Here’s all the information you need to navigate and park conveniently in Bormes les Mimosas.

Parking in Bormes les Mimosas

Finding parking in Bormes les Mimosas is a hassle-free experience, thanks to numerous parking lots located in the main districts and along the picturesque coastline. Simply drop off your car and set out to explore the town using the various transport services available.

Medieval Village: The Saint-François parking lot offers multiple levels of paid parking, while at Pin de Bormes, parking is free. In La Favière, half of the spaces are subject to a charge during the summer season.

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Blue Zone Parking: Keep an eye out for blue zone parking spaces, active from June 1 to September 15. You can use the European blue disc (available for €2 at the tourist office) to park for up to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

  • Accessibility for All: Bormes les Mimosas provides 65 dedicated parking spaces for people with reduced mobility.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging: There are 6 electric vehicle charging points evenly distributed across different districts, including some at Château Léoube.
  • Beach Access: To enjoy the stunning beaches from Cabasson to Pellegrin, including Estagnol, private pay parking lots are available from April to October. Outside this period, only the Cabasson parking lot is accessible and free of charge.
  • Car-Sharing Area: A car-sharing area is located at the entrance to the town at the Verrerie traffic circle, avenue Lou Mistraou towards Saint-Tropez D98.

Getting Around Bormes les Mimosas

If you prefer not to use your car, Bormes les Mimosas offers several convenient options to explore the area. Consider these transportation alternatives:

  • Taxi Charle : +33 6 80 33 52 97
  • Taxi Coralie : +33 6 80 67 98 57  
  • Taxi Nathalie et Claude : +33 6 08 43 62 02 
  • Taxi Vanessa : +33 6 25 49 26 42
  • Philippe VTC : +33 6 41 98 11 72

ZOU! Bus Line 886: Hop on the ZOU! bus line 886, which operates from the medieval village to Le Lavandou, serving the Pin and Favière districts. This shuttle runs from May to September and costs €2.10 per person per journey, providing an affordable and comfortable way to explore the area.

  • “Train des Pignes” Bicycle Excursion: Discover Bormes les Mimosas at your own pace by taking advantage of the “Train des Pignes” railway line. This historic railway connects Toulon to Saint-Raphaël over a distance of 102 kilometers, passing through our town over a scenic 10.5 km stretch. Bring your bicycle and enjoy a leisurely ride along the railway route, soaking in the picturesque landscapes along the way.

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