Discover the charming village of Collobrières, nestled in the heart of the Maures Mountains, just north of Bormes-les-Mimosas. The short drive to get there (20-30 minutes from the village center) is a true escape from the coast, with a drastic change in vegetation and refreshing air. As you pass through chestnut groves, you’ll understand why this village is world-renowned for its chestnut culture. Don’t miss the fabulous Chestnut Festival held on the last three Sundays of October, where the aroma of hot chestnuts will guide you to the heart of this picturesque “village of character”.

The chestnut queen

Collobrières owes its fame to the Queen of Chestnuts. Visitors flock here year-round to sample a jar (or more!) of chestnut cream, bring home glazed chestnuts, or indulge in chestnut ice cream. Artisanal confectioneries like Confiserie Azuréenne offer different ways to prepare the chestnuts that grow in the village’s chestnut groves. The fruit is showcased each year during the traditional Chestnut Festival, where numerous artisanal stands, activities, workshops, and demonstrations take place throughout the village. Chestnut culture is an essential part of the local heritage, so wild harvesting is prohibited.

Did you know ?

Did you know that the name Collobrières comes from the Provençal word “coulòbri,” meaning “snake,” referring to the sinuous curves of the Réal Collobrier river (and its inhabitants).

Marron ou chestnut ?

In culinary vocabulary, the true chestnut is referred to as a “marron,” not to be confused with the inedible, toxic fruit of the horse chestnut tree. A marron has only one fruit in its bumpy shell, while a chestnut can have up to three or four fruits in its spiky shell.

A small village full of charm

Don’t miss a stroll through the authentic village, crossing the bridge and entering the heart of a place nestled in the forest, earning it the title of “Capital of the Maures.” Explore on your own or opt for an augmented version of the tour. Immerse yourself in the history of this typically Provençal place with the free “Archistoire” app, which takes you back in time to the Collobrières of old. The tour lasts one hour and starts from the Collobrières tourist office. You can also visit the geological museum, which explains the geological and paleontological heritage of the Maures Mountains, delving deeper into the region’s history.


Hikes and hidden treasures

Collobrières is a great destination for hiking, with its dense and green vegetation, including the presence of big trees like chestnut trees. Among the most spectacular trails is the one leading to the Chartreuse de la Verne, a historic monastery in the middle of the forest. Take the D214 and park at the designated area before reaching the monastery. A loop will allow you to enjoy stunning views of the building and visit it. The Chartreuse de la Verne is open all year round, with different hours depending on the season. You’ll also find a spectacular hike to the menhirs of the Lamberts plateau, as well as shorter trails around the village like the “Discovery” or “Botanical” trails.

⚠️ Please note that access to the mountains may be restricted during the summer due to the risk of wildfires, so it’s important to check with the prefecture. 

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