Situated along the breathtaking cornice of Maures, overlooking the sea in Rayol-Canadel, lies the captivating Domaine du Rayol. A sanctuary that seamlessly blends Mediterranean charm with diverse ecosystems from around the world. As a property of the esteemed Conservatoire du Littoral, its purpose is to showcase a global garden and safeguard precious species.

Embark on a Journey Across Continents

Meander through this expansive estate and immerse yourself in distinct landscapes, each representing a unique geographical region. Marvel at the striking Californian space adorned with majestic cacti or wander through the Asian garden enveloped by towering bamboo. Spanning across 7 hectares of protected natural areas, the Domaine du Rayol beckons you to witness the ever-changing beauty of its plants throughout the seasons. A core mission of this place is to raise awareness among visitors about the significance of respecting and preserving our natural environment. Explore at your own pace or join a guided botanical walk to deepen your understanding.

Beyond the Mediterranean Garden

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During the summer months, indulge in the enchanting ambiance of the “Soirées Romantiques” festival, where the estate hosts five concerts. Set against the backdrop of the sparkling sea, you’ll be treated to performances of timeless masterpieces by great classical composers.

Amidst the lush greenery, you’ll also discover remarkable buildings. Some of these are open to the public year-round, housing captivating art and historical exhibitions. The estate orchestrates an array of events, including summer music concerts and the celebrated Gondwana plant festival in October.

Apolline Lhermitte
Le domaine du Rayol

For an extraordinary underwater adventure, join one of their snorkeling trips along the marine trail, starting from the charming beach nestled within the estate. Afterward, replenish your energy at Café des Jardiniers, where refreshing drinks and Mediterranean cuisine await. And don’t miss the Jardiniers bookstore, a treasure trove of books dedicated to nature and biodiversity.

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