At the Tourist Office, we firmly believe in providing our visitors with a positive and memorable experience through our unwavering commitment to quality. In today’s travel landscape, tourists are increasingly seeking destinations that guarantee exceptional standards across all aspects of their stay, including welcome, information, accommodation, catering, and activities.

What Does Our Quality Commitment Entail?

To ensure that we meet and exceed customer expectations, we have implemented concrete actions that demonstrate our dedication to offering a quality service.

Marque qualité tourisme Bormes les Mimosas

Central to our commitment is obtaining the prestigious Tourism Quality Mark, an external recognition awarded by esteemed bodies such as AFNOR, Atout France, or ISO.

How Can We Obtain the Tourism Quality Certification?

To achieve the Tourism Quality certification, we must adhere to a comprehensive set of quality criteria, which may vary depending on the certification body. These criteria encompass various aspects of our operations, such as visitor reception, the quality of information provided, complaints management, the establishment of a robust quality management system, and continuous staff training.

Why is the Quality certification important?

Attaining the Tourism Quality certification holds significant value for us and our visitors alike. This certification serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in our services. It provides reassurance to visitors, assuring them of the exceptional welcome and services they can expect from our Tourist Office. Furthermore, the Quality Mark enhances the overall image of our tourist destination, showcasing our dedication to providing an outstanding experience.

By distinguishing ourselves through our commitment to quality, we aim to attract new visitors while nurturing the loyalty of our existing clientele. The Quality certification serves as a powerful tool in attracting discerning travelers who seek destinations that prioritize service excellence and exceptional visitor experiences.

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