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Om Thaï Massage

Traditional Thai massages, oil massages, foot reflexology.
Om Thaï Massage & Yoga Reiki Shanti-Om, Salon de Massages, Soins énergétiques et Yoga welcomes you to relax, release blockages and muscular tension & help you reconnect with yourself.

Practised regularly, Thai Massage makes daily life more harmonious.

⁕ Traditional Thai Massage practiced for preventive and therapeutic purposes, combines acupressure, massage and dynamic stretching techniques. Combined in this way, these techniques are effective in relieving stress, muscular pain, migraines … A true Thai Art of Living, Thai Massage brings deep relaxation, rebalances “Ki”, the Vital Energy, and restores suppleness & flexibility to the body.

⁕ Oil Massage or Aromatherapy combines the benefits of massage techniques with the virtues of vegetable and essential oils. Relaxing and detoxifying, this type of massage benefits the body by mainly stimulating the blood and lymphatic systems.

⁕ Foot Massage or Plantar Reflexology is a therapeutic method that aims to activate the body’s self-healing process and helps restore balance to the internal organs. Foot Massage provides deep relaxation and stress relief by soothing the body through the feet.

⁕ Pre-natal Massage is a wonderful moment that brings lightness, cocooning, deep relaxation and serenity to the mother-to-be as well as to the baby, who is so permeable and sensitive to changes in her mother’s state. Massage is a real source of energy, refocusing and pleasure.

⁕ Thai Massage & Menopause Care combines different methods: Thai massage techniques, “Herbals Hot Compresses” treatments and steam bath. It relieves muscle and joint pain, improves lymphatic circulation and eliminates toxins.
A complete treatment that enables women to get in touch with their bodies, understand them better and accept the physical changes caused by menopause.

⁕ Hot Herbal Balls Massage (Luk Pra Kob) is a natural herbal treatment with multiple therapeutic virtues that has been highly appreciated for many centuries in Thailand. Combined with a traditional Thai massage, it provides numerous benefits that benefit body and mind through deep relaxation while relieving stress and fatigue.
It stimulates emotional well-being, relaxation and physical relief.

⁕ Children’s Massage (2 to 12 years) offers a gentle introduction to this wellness massage, and over a period of time that ensures children won’t feel tired afterwards.
Here again, our aim is to restore optimal energy circulation and relieve any tension, but above all to offer them a pure moment of relaxation, either in your company or on their own like grown-ups!

⁕ Baby Massage (from 2 to 24 months) allows baby to relax. Beyond a simple moment of relaxation, massage offers multiple benefits for baby, enabling him to sleep better and promoting both blood and energy circulation as well as digestion and growth.

By creating an energetic balance, the harmony of Body & Mind is restored.

⁕ Usui Reiki is an energetic healing technique of Japanese origin, using the laying on of hands and the transmission of “Ki” directly on the vital centers and internal organs of the body. By stimulating self-healing mechanisms, Reiki restores the body and mind to their full energetic potential, releases energy blockages and corrects dysfunctions and tensions (insomnia, migraines, backache, stress…).

⁕ The Akashic Annals contain the soul’s journey where every event is recorded from life to life, as well as all the aspects and potentials of who you currently are. Reading them allows you to know and understand those major incarnations that influence your life right now, and helps you to free yourself from the emotions linked to these different experiences. A powerful tool for personal development and evolution along your spiritual path.

⁕ Ashtanga & Vinyasa Yogas are dynamic forms of yoga based on sequences of movements synchronized with the breath. Through a sequence of dynamic movements, harmonized with the breath, this type of yoga helps to achieve balance and well-being on a bodily, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Salle Jacob, Parc du Cigalou, Bormes Village
Vinyasa Yoga
Wednesday: 10:00am – 11:15am
Tuesday & Thursday: 19h00 – 20h15

Ashtanga Yoga
Sunday: 10:15am – 11:30am
Monday & Wednesday: 19h00 – 20h30

All classes are accessible via video-conference on ZOOM.

+33 6 31 75 49 46
[email protected]

+33 6 20 37 23 10
We speak : English, French

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  • In centre of town
  • Town location


Opening hours from 01 January to 31 December 2024



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Dog friendly

Pets are not allowed


Adapted service : Not accessible in a wheelchair


3 Rue de la plaine des Anes
Village Médiéval
83230 Bormes-les-Mimosas
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