From delightful stalls to gourmet goods, and including beachside merchandise, you’ll discover exactly what you’re seeking in Bormes’ boutiques! Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely holiday shopping spree or have a specific item in mind, there are establishments catering to all preferences. Bormes’ diverse neighborhoods naturally align with different themes based on their locations: La Favière leans towards beach items and souvenirs, the village showcases decorative pieces and Provencal mementos, while the Bormes pine area specializes in a variety of food offerings…

The charm of the village stores

Immerse yourself in the undeniable allure of Bormes’ village stores, lining the enchanting Rue Carnot. Step into a world of Provencal treasures at La Maison du Bonheur, Canicule, and the Grand Bazar, where you’ll discover an exquisite collection of local products to fill your suitcases with authentic souvenirs. Don’t miss the sensational Savonnerie de Bormes, nestled in front of the Saint-Trophyme church, offering an array of heavenly body delicacies. And for the perfect finishing touches, explore the boutique of jewelry, accessories, and leather bags, along with stunning interior decorations and unique home elements.

Damien Bonfils

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You can experience the magic of Bormes with late-night shopping in July and August. Take a captivating evening stroll through the village stores and let the ambiance transport you to a world of beauty and wonder.

Venture a little further to the captivating Place du Poulid Cantoun, next to the café, and be captivated by the whimsical store of La Cueva. Dive into a treasure trove of mottled objects, decorative pieces, and a truly original selection of clothing. Meander down Rompi Cuou Street and uncover a world of hidden gems, including a captivating rug seller from around the globe and several other charming boutiques. Allow your senses to guide you as you explore these delightful shops, and don’t forget to savor a mouthwatering mimosa ice cream at the renowned Boudoir, nestled in the romantic “venelle des Amoureux.”

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L’Antre Nous

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Practicality and gourmet pleasures at the Pin de Bormes

Discover Gastronomia, an exquisite delicatessen and wine cellar, nestled alongside the delightful Siren bakery and the convenient Spar mini-market. Spoil yourself further with a visit to the hairdresser, two fabulous beauty salons, the local pharmacy, the tobacconist’s and newspaper shop, a charming florist, a dedicated shoemaker, and even an underwear store! Parking is a breeze, with free roadside spots and convenient free parking lots (except on bustling Tuesday market days). You’ll even find electric charging stations to keep you powered up. And as you venture toward La Favière or Le Lavandou, be sure to check out the delectable offerings of two pizza trucks, the tantalizing rotisserie Poulet à Gogo, famous for their paella and couscous, and the delightful Ugo Bakery..

Beach and fashion at La Favière

Quartier de la Favière Bormes

When it comes to beachside fashion, La Favière steals the show. Explore a myriad of stores offering stylish clothes, swimwear, and trendy beachwear that will have you turning heads on the sand. But that’s not all! Indulge in the convenience of two mini-markets, a vibrant greengrocer, a trusted pharmacy, a tobacconist’s and newspaper shop, and a wine cellar that tantalizes with paella and a tempting variety of culinary delights. With three bakeries, accessory and jewelry stores, and a painting and framing shop conveniently located in front of the Tourist Office, you’ll have everything you need for a fashionable and fabulous beach experience. And don’t forget to treat yourself to heavenly ice cream shops and take-away options for those lazy beach days.

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