Bormes les Mimosas, a village brimming with inspiration, has long been a haven for artists. From the renowned talents of Jean-Charles Cazin and Henri-Edmond Cross in the 19th century to the vibrant community of creators residing there today, artistic expression flourishes in every corner. Immerse yourself in their world, visit their studios, and behold their remarkable works throughout the year. Prepare to be captivated by the boundless creativity that unfolds in Bormes les Mimosas!

Les artisans de Bormes les Mimosas

Enter the World of Artisans in Bormes les Mimosas!

Within the village, more than ten artists grace the streets with their presence. Encounter the iconic figures like Nathalie Papet, the enchantress of hats, whose creations transport you to a realm of elegance and style. Philippe Cavatore, owner of the restaurant Lou Portaou, has seamlessly transitioned from restaurateur to an inventive sculptor, unveiling his artistic prowess in the captivating cubert des Poètes. The district is a treasure trove of diverse personalities and artistic worlds waiting to be explored. Be captivated by the works of painters with unique visions and styles, such as Mireille Payre, whose Provençal landscapes shimmer with luminosity. On Rue Rompi Cuou, you’ll find Stéphane Marchioni, a master glass artisan who crafts exquisite glass pieces, ranging from delicate jewelry to grand sculptures. And on the vibrant Place du Bazar, Philip Gabriel Villard presents his awe-inspiring creations inspired by the majestic Massif des Maures, bringing animals and other forms to life using branches found in the maquis

Exhibitions to Delight Art Enthusiasts

Throughout the year, the Museum of History and Art of Bormes and the House of Artists host captivating temporary exhibitions, showcasing the works of talented artists from near and far. Immerse yourself in the diverse expressions of artistic brilliance that grace these exhibition spaces. Stay updated on the latest program of exhibitions by visiting the Tourist Office, ensuring you don’t miss any opportunity to be inspired.

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Artists in the Surrounding Area

Beyond the village, throughout the entire commune of Bormes les Mimosas, a multitude of artists await your discovery. From the skilled craftsmanship of saddlers like Christelle and Patrick Dumortier to the evocative paintings of Véronique Ginoyer and Renée Lussert, the creative spirit resonates throughout the region. Explore the creators’ circuit and encounter these remarkable individuals as they breathe life into their artistic visions

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