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La Favière - Bormes les Mimosas

Escapade Gourmande is an event that lets you discover the gastronomic riches of Provence! Every year, during a weekend in September, come and taste local, quality products. You’ll be able to take part in a culinary competition, and meet top French chefs who’ll share their expert advice with you!

Escapade Gourmande Bormes les Mimosas

Escapade Gourmande: the culinary event not to be missed

Escapade Gourmande is an event that showcases local and regional gastronomy. You’ll have the opportunity to taste dishes prepared by chefs (Michel Sarran in 2021, Davy Tissot in 2022), discover local produce, and take part in cooking workshops. The event also features activities for the whole family. The tasting course is the highlight of the event, during which you can sample a variety of tasty dishes, from traditional Provençal fare to more contemporary culinary creations. You’ll also find a tasting of local wines and artisanal products such as honey. Gui Gedda, the pope of Provençal cuisine, will delight you with his anecdotes and authentic recipes!

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