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Le village - Bormes les Mimosas

FIESTA, the International Summer Festival of Shows and Argentine Tango! During this 2-day event, Argentinean culture takes center stage, with an international line-up of performers thrilling to the sound of Argentinean tango as danced in Milongas! It’s also an opportunity to pay tribute to Hippolyte Bouchard, the Borman privateer who played an active role in Argentina’s independence.

Festival argentin FIESTA Bormes

FIESTA, l’événement dédié à la culture argentine

For two days, Bormes will be decked out in the colors of Argentina. The program begins with dancing. From Chacacera to Zamba, discover Argentina’s most popular dances. Then it’s time for music. Travel through Argentinean and Mexican songs. On the esplanade of the château, enjoy concerts and dancing to the delight of your eyes and ears!

Spotlight on Hippolyte Bouchard

A ship’s captain born in Bormes les Mimosas in 1780, Hippolyte Bouchard played a heroic role in the independence of Argentina and Peru. He is buried in the Buenos Aires Pantheon, and several public squares and streets bear his name in the Argentine capital and in other cities around the country. Every year, on July 9, Bormes les Mimosas commemorates the anniversary of Latin American independence in the presence of Argentine civil and military authorities.

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