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Bormes les Mimosas

Welcome to Mimosalia, the ultimate gathering for plant and garden enthusiasts, where a passion for nature meets a commitment to shaping a greener future! Step into a haven where rare and exquisite plants await, courtesy of our esteemed nursery collectors. From enchanting Mediterranean shrubs and perennials to captivating cacti and succulents, there’s something extraordinary for every green thumb. Climbing plants reach for the skies, while fruit trees promise a bountiful harvest. Explore a botanical wonderland, brimming with diverse and unique horticultural treasures, just waiting to be discovered.

The nursery collectors

Don’t miss the chance to witness the birth of something truly special: the Roseraie Ducher’s masterpiece, the stunning Bormes rose. For a touch of local pride, immerse yourself in the beauty of the national mimosa collection, thoughtfully curated by the talented native of Bormes les Mimosas, Julien Cavatore.

Mimosa and its village of alternative solutions

Meet the people who are working for a better future, respectful of nature and human beings! At the heart of a veritable “village of alternatives,” the public is invited to discover concrete, accessible solutions to take action for tomorrow. Numerous activities, demonstrations, and exchanges with all the stands throughout the weekend. A journey through 10 thematic areas:

  • Catering: vegetarian or vegan cuisine, farmhouse or regional produce… Eat responsibly in a dedicated, activity-packed area.
  • Consume differently: cosmetics, groceries, spirulina or organic spirits, preserves, clothing made from natural fibers, new or second-hand books… Discover a different way of consuming.
  • Well-being: wellness products, essential oils, raw minerals, lithotherapy, massages, naturopathy, yoga… Pamper yourself while preserving the planet.
  • Crafts: zero-waste creations, furnishings, jewelry, fabrics, ceramics, recycling… Let crafts surprise you!
  • Associations: come and meet committed associations.
  • Conversations: come and discuss a range of topics around biodiversity, permaculture, beekeeping…
  • Garden: tools, decorations, planters, bat guano, garden furniture… Unearth nuggets for a successful garden!
  • Conferences: attend themed conferences throughout the weekend.
  • Children’s activities: activities for the little ones, reportage workshop, floral art, plant painting…
  • Eco-housing and energy: use of local resources, energy advice and renovation, phytodepuration, photovoltaic systems, advice on ecological housing transition… Discover solutions for building and living differently.
Mimosalia Bormes les Mimosas

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