Bormes les Mimosas is an exceptional destination for diving throughout the year, thanks to its favorable climate and beautiful coastline. Whether you’re interested in exploring wrecks, pristine reefs, or simply trying out shallow water diving, the four diving clubs in Bormes offer a wide range of options for divers of all levels.

Clubs according to your desires

The diving clubs, namely Aqua Bormes, Aventure Bleue, Bormes Plongée, and Plongée Privilège, are located in the harbor area of La Favière. These clubs are passionate about diving and prioritize the safety and comfort of their divers. Each offers different services, but always in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. You will undoubtedly find your favorite club !

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An extraordinary discovery ground

Diving in the Bay of Bormes, the islands of Hyères, and the Port-Cros National Park (located just in front of Bormes and accessible by a 15-minute boat ride) allows you to explore the most stunning underwater landscapes in the Mediterranean. The Port-Cros National Park has been strictly preserved since its establishment in 1963, resulting in well-preserved seabeds teeming with marine life. Immerse yourself in the underwater environment and encounter groupers, spider crabs, majestic posidonia meadows, and their diverse inhabitants.

Plongée sous-marine Bormes

While diving, you can enjoy the soothing and tranquil ambiance of the underwater world. Explore remarkable wrecks such as the Spahis. The wreck lies less than 20 meters deep and can be accessed by divers with a level 1 certification. Another notable wreck is the Wildcat, a World War II plane accessible to divers with a level 3 certification.

Fun fact:

The Spahis, a historical wreck located near Bormes les Mimosas, is the remains of an old steamboat that sank in 1887 due to a violent storm. The steamboat, measuring 52 meters in length, carried approximately one hundred passengers at the time of the accident. Tragically, around twenty people lost their lives in the wreck. However, the remaining passengers managed to save themselves by climbing onto the nearby islet of La Fourmigue.

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